Demo Reel

Irmo Area Video 
Quick look into Irmo, SC 

Gamecock Team Video Highlights 2020
Sleep Tight
"A new mother's baby wakes up every night at the same time."
Filmed and partially edited. 
This film was for the SC Collegiate Film Festival. It was an impromptu shoot, but was incredibly fun and rewarding to create.
Coffee Bean
"A young woman works to achieve her dream of working in a prestigious coffee shop."
This was a project for a class that was essentially the epitome of my media arts program.
An End to It
"A young investigator delves deep into the circumstances of a man's death- answering every question but one: how are we perceived by what we leave behind?"
Produced by Samantha Cheeseright.

2020 SC State Fair
Due to COVID-19 everything saw changes, including the beloved State Fair. Despite this, the fair was as entertaining as ever and put on a good show.

"Mask Up"
A documentary project on making masks for local people
"And the Eyes Have It" 
A dramatic monologue about life and all of it's struggles
SVAD At Home: Responding to COVID-19
           Created for UofSC's School of Visual Art and                 Design Youtube channel
Fall 2020 Art Studio Credit Hour Change.
              Created for UofSC's School of Visual Art                                and Design Youtube channel
"The Shoes"
 An experienced robber and a rookie attempt to steal a pair of shoes. 
This was a project for a Cinematography class. The prompt was to tell a story with minimal dialogue and focusing on the visuals following a theme of  "Call and Response". 
Starring Margaret Jensen and Kathryn Ramey.  
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